March 13, 2016


Take the Name Of Jesus With You

His Name Is Wonderful




 In His Time             

 Above All

SERMON                 Rev. Jeff Biggs


 Almost Persuaded 


Blest Be the Tie That Binds


Immediate Prayer Concerns: Andy Tyler Family, Grace Hinkle Family, Annette Gresham (Sheila Vaughn’s sister), Versa Harl, Darlene Tyler, Shirley Morris, Joey Davis, Peggy Phillips, Timothy Tyler, Lewis Cravens, Gene Craven, Dena Ewing, Jerry Hooper, Heath Jenkins, Earl Phillips, Leslie Ewing, our church, our schools and nation

Extended Prayer Concerns: Betty Gibbs, Skyler James, Arthur Linder, Ryan McGehee, Molly Waters, Robert Simpson, Krissy Gabbard, Bud Ewing, Nick Christianson, Fred & Ana Lou Taylor, Bob Jesop, Pat Rigg, Belinda Wilkerson, Christy Moore, Bill Martin, Tiffany Whitley, Rebecca Fletcher, Betty Stephens, Lida Gray, Emma Scott, Bonnie Anderson, Harold Smith, Bob York, Melvin Wise, Roy Duke, John Hart, Bill Cook, Jan Stewart, Stephen Ellis, and Meagan Nichols

 Long Term Illness: Sue Kincart, Trisha Mason, Margaret Allison, Dennis Lambrich, Vaida Scott, Stephanie Wheeler, June Ayers, B.J Vining, Debra Santens, Rosemary Frederick, Brian Lee, Anniston Jennings, Kim Yost and London Fryman

Shut Ins: Versa Harl, Vera Billingsley, Helen Muhlenbruch, Darla Tyler, Jill Owen, Leonard and Alice Young and Maxine Higdon

 Military: Mason Asbell, Jacob Boyd, Isaac Gibbs, Airman Jacob L. Rapp, A/1C Robby Jones, Sgt. Brock McKinness, Luke Townsend, Jason Edginton, Brendan Gorvett, SrA Evan Smith and Major James Smith


March 16th: Wonderful Wednesday/5:30pm meal/Pairs & Spares

Class/Bible Studies/6:15pm

March 17th: CPWM Birthday Party/1:30pm/F.H.

March 19th: Upward Last Game

March 20th: Upward Awards/3pm

March 23rd: Wonderful Wednesday/5:30pm meal/Christian

Education Board/Bible Studies/6:15pm

March 24th: Maundy Thursday Service/7pm

March 25th: F.H./4-8pm

March 28th: Men’s Fellowship/6pm/F.H./pot luck

March 30th: Wonderful Wednesday/5:30pm meal/Elders/

Bible Studies/6:15pm



Just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those that helped in any way with our recent Women’s Winter Workshop. No matter the task, there was always someone available to help with a smile on their face. The weather was nasty and our crowd was down, but those in attendance really enjoyed the day. It makes me proud to belong to a church that represents themselves so graciously to others, especially our community. Thanks so much.

Lisa Simpson


Memorial Given In Memory of Herschel Higdon

Mike & Sandra Stence


Memorial Given In Memory of Joey Simms

 Ruth Louder

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