February 21, 2016

                                  WORSHIP IN SONG

                                       Blessed Assurance

                                My Faith Looks Up to Thee

                             CHILDREN’S MOMENTS

                      WORSHIP THROUGH GIVING

                                 WORSHIP IN SONG

                        How Deep the Fathers Love For Us                  

                                         Lamb of God

                    SERMON                 Rev. Jeff Biggs


                           God Will Take Care Of You                                      

                                 CLOSING SONG

                        Blessed Be the Tide That Binds


Immediate Prayer Concerns: Family of Joey Simms, Family of Bonnie Austin, Family of Don McCarthy, Betty Gibbs, Skyler James, Arthur Linder, Andy Tyler, Molly Waters, Shirley Morris, Robert Simpson, our church, our schools and nation

Extended Prayer Concerns: Krissy Gabbard, Bud Ewing, Nick Christianson, Fred & Ana Lou Taylor, Bob Jesop, Pat Rigg, Belinda Wilkerson, Christy Moore, Louise Butterworth, Bill Martin, Tiffany Whitley, Rebecca Fletcher, Betty Stephens, Lida Gray, Emma Scott, Bonnie Anderson, Airtex families, Harold Smith, Bob York, Melvin Wise, Roy Duke, John Hart, Bill Cook, Jan Stewart, Stephen Ellis, and Meagan Nichols

Long Term Illness: Sue Kincart, Trisha Mason, Margaret Allison, Dennis Lambrich, Vaida Scott, Stephanie Wheeler, June Ayers, B.J Vining, Debra Santens, Rosemary Frederick, Brian Lee, Anniston Jennings, Kim Yost and London Fryman

Shut Ins: Versa Harl, Vera Billingsley, Helen Muhlenbruch, Darla Tyler, Jill Owen, Leonard and Alice Young and Maxine Higdon

 Military: Mason Asbell, Jacob Boyd, Isaac Gibbs, Airman Jacob L. Rapp, A/1C Robby Jones, Sgt. Brock McKinness, Luke Townsend, Jason Edginton, Brendan Gorvett, SrA Evan Smith and Major James Smith



February 24th: CLC/U of I Women’s Workshop/8am-3pm

Wonderful Wednesday/5:30 pm/meal/Youth/

Bible Studies/6:15pm

February 27th: Upward Game 3

February 28th: Shut the Front Door Fundraiser/2-4pm


March 1st: C.P.W.M./6:00pm/Hostess’ Edith Harl & Pat White

March 2nd: Wonderful Wednesday/5:30pm meal/Men’s

Fellowship/Bible Studies/6:16pm

March 5th: Upward Game 4


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